Nation sent aerial means to face the fires of the Paraná Delta

The Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, commanded by Juan Cabandié, reported on Monday that it made available new resources to combat the igneous foci that affect the areas of the Paraná Delta, where the “situation is more complicated by smoke.” In turn, from the portfolio they specified that “a hydrant plane and a helicopter will be provided for the Delta area, in addition to 11 brigadistas summoned by the National Fire Management Service”, they are already operational to perform tasks in the territory.

Last Friday, the National Fire Management Service (SNMF) reported that the presence of igneous foci had been detected through satellite images and conservation lighthouses. 
The flames that threatened the Buenos Aires town of Baradero were extinguished and in the Santa Fe departments of San Jerónimo IV, Santa Fe I and San Martín, while in Santa Fe II and Constitución the fire was controlled.

In its report on Monday, the agency reported that in the province of Entre Ríos there were “active” fires in the cities of Victoria II and Diamante. While the town of Victoria is controlled. Provinces that register fires
According to the SNMF report, a focus was activated in Santa Ana, in Misiones. In turn, in Córdoba the firefighters were able to control the fire in Calamuchita and the focus on Dean Funes is contained.

Catamarca was able to contain the focus that was active in the department of Ambato, as well as in the province of La Rioja the focus that was active in the town of Famatina.

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