Presidential delegate of Arauco questioned transfer of Emilio Berkhoff to Lebu: “He is a criminal who is not linked to Mapuche claims”

The presidential delegate of the province of Arauco, Humberto Toro, criticized the determination of the Court of Appeals of Temuco that accepted an appeal for amparo and accepted the transfer of the former leader of the Arauco Malleco Coordinator, Emilio Berkhoff, from the Concepción prison to the Lebu prison.
“What happens is that Emilio Berkhoff is actually a criminal who is not linked in any case to the issue of Mapuche claims, as he has always appeared to appear,” Toro told Radio Bío Bío. 
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“Emilio Berkhoff has been part of a business that is linked to drugs and that has to do with distorting or supplanting the true struggle of the Mapuche people that has to do with their justice and their historical struggle, which is just,” he added.
In the same vein, Toro emphasized that he is awaiting the results of the appeals, which were presented to the judicial decision.
It should be recalled that Berkhoff was sentenced to six years in prison for an arson attack and robbery in the commune of Lumaco, region of La Araucanía; he is currently being investigated for the crime of drug trafficking.

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