Video. Abuelita makes an impact when playing basketball at age 71 in Oaxaca

Oaxaca de Juarez.- Mrs. Andrea Garcia, 71, became the sensation of social networks after her grandson posted a TikTok video where he appears playing basketball like a professional with his team of artisans. The mother of six lives in a wooden house with a dirt floor, where she takes care of her youngest grandchildren and plans the craft classes she teaches with love and dedication. The video of Granny playing basketball was posted on her grandson J Carlos’ TikTok account. The clip exceeded 900,000 views in a short time and generated all kinds of comments, where she has been compared to Michael Jordan and congratulated for her skills with the ball. Although the video has already been circulating on social networks for several days, the popularity it brought to Andrea has not decreased. Even national and international media have sought her out in the Mixtec highlands to conduct several interviews. The famous basketball grandmother has stated in different interviews that she migrated from Chalcatongo de Hidalgo to Mexico City when she was too young to work as a domestic worker and returned to her hometown at age 50 to fulfill her most cherished dream, going to school. Now, with 71 years of age and the primary school completed, the grandmother recommends that the population perform exercises so that they remain strong. We recommend you read: In addition to basketball and the craft classes she teaches, the woman also participates in the collection of peaches, as you can see in the other videos published on TikTok by her grandson.

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