Friday’s recommended ones arrived: rock, pop, reggaeton, cumbia and much more

1. “Alchemy” by Rocio Cravero

Rocio Cravero launches her new album “Alquimia” taking a clear leap in her professional career, accompanied by an outstanding team of producers and musicians.
In this new work, she delves into the lyrics of her songs taking them to another level and showing a strong commitment to female empowerment.
The live performance of “Alquimia” will be on Saturday, August 13 at La Tangente – Honduras 5317, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo.
Rocio says that “Alchemy is a concept album brought together by a thematic axis: the transformation of traumatic experiences into positive realities.”
The singer-songwriter made a place for herself in the emerging scene for the very personal and autobiographical approach of her songs, integrating the listener into an inner world where insecurities, fears and stumbles are not hidden.

2. Citrus’s “Smoking in the Cinema”

“Smoking in the cinema” is the latest preview of the new Album by Cítrico, which will be released in the second half of this 2022. It is a love song in neo soul key , which has the special participation of Carlota Urdiales, singer and actress of Spanish/Argentine blood.
On a chill base, at times of dreaminess, parades a series of reflections and feelings dedicated to a unique person, which the author himself puts in value in his phrasing.
With a soft interpretation, which is even interspersed with the base itself for a homogeneous flow, an overlap of voices, and drawings and choral arrangements, “Smoking in the cinema” stands as a beautiful artistic piece from each of its parts.
After the releases of “Laberinto”, “Nosotros dos” ft Goyo Degano and “Congelado”, his first three promotional singles, “Fumar en el cine” closes the letter of presentation in four volumes of the next album of Citrus, which pulsates its premiere and generates great expectation in the national scene.

3. “15 Again” by Suede

Suede released “15 Again,” the powerful new single taken from his upcoming studio album Autofiction, described by Brett Anderson as “a song about falling in love with life for the first time.”
“15 Again” follows “She Still Leads Me On,” the daring first preview of the upcoming album that Suede premiered live in a surprise performance in Brussels and was broadcast live to her fans.  
“Autofiction” is Suede’s ninth studio album, and in it the band decides to return to the basics in movements reminiscent of their more formative days.
Brett Anderson said, “Autofiction has a natural freshness, it’s where we want to be.”  And where Suede wants to be is, in a way, the same place they were when they started 30 years ago: a group of people who live the raw feeling of creating music together in a room.
This natural freshness can be heard again in “15 Again.”  “When we were rehearsing and writing this record, it was a physical high.  That thing you hold on to,” adds bassist Mat Osman.

4. “Pary in the neighborhood” by Cattaneo & Aston G

Cattaneo & Aston G present “Pary en el barrio”: “In our second single we bring a cry that takes us to the roots: ‘my neighborhood, my people, my flia, the best and nothing else'”, say the artists.
“With an introduction reminiscent of the 90’s, a bizarre and tragicomic moment in our history, planning to travel to the stratosphere we realize that although we turn the page nothing has changed,” they add.
“After a context of pandemic and confinement, we continue to have the only thing that matters and that will always be: the neighborhood, the people, the family … the best and nothing more. So, it was, let’s put together high pary, well funky and dance that there is nothing left, “conclude the artists.

5. “Muzza” by Vale Acevedo

Vale Acevedo presents its new song and video clip “Muzza”, the first cut of “Buenas Noches Terrícolas”, Vale’s next album that will be released in early October.
Once again, Vale proposes Rock. This new album is the perfect mix between rock nostalgia and the current creativity of the world. 
“Muzza” is no exception, as it does not judge the combination of styles: Funk, rock, tango and rap come together strongly to make up the work. 
“Muzza” is an ironic dedication to those provocative situations that remind us that we are alive. The single has a video clip that shows, obviously, the metaphor of the inner child who often would like to say so much. 
The official presentation of “Buenas Noches Terrícolas” already has a date and place: it will be on October 28 at La Trastienda Club and the tickets will leavethey will go on sale from next week.

6. “The Sign of Stagnation” by Polychromy

“El signo del estancamiento” is the second preview of what will be the new album by Policromía, a song that deepens the sound of the band.
Alternating heavy sections with softer choruses stands out, especially, the keyboard solo of Nicolás Abate, which seeks to break with the logic of the guitar solo so characteristic of the group. 
The lyrics combine some images that emerge from the feeling of confinement of the 2020 pandemic, records of journalistic chronicles of that moment and a free reading of the symbology of the I-Ching, to ask in the refrains for the desire to see what is behind “that construction that organizes and shapes our reality”.

7. “I Break Barriers” by Magnus

Magnus is a new musical project artistically directed by Franco Gerber, pianist and composer from Neuquén, under the musical production of Rigo Quesada from his studio in Cipolletti, Río Negro.
Magnus ‘ songs are taking shape around the idea of fusion of different elements that generate a constant air of amalgam, within the classic format of the song.
“Rompo Barreras”, his second studio single, is a song that plays from the rhythmic with our folkloric identity, while trying to keep that influence somewhat hidden behind the stinging of the electric guitar and an electronic loop of drums and synthesizer.
However, the bridge of the song makes explicit the reference to the style and defends it from the text with determination: “… I meet and disarm what I see and what I love/I no longer travel without being this ever again.”
The idea of breaking barriers, although written in the first person, comes to continue the literary legacy of Magnus, where it is proposed “… recruit warriors who defend from our own lineage the ideas and customs that give rise to the New Age that we must build.”

8. “Useless Miracles” by Nahuel Briones

“Milagros Inútiles” is a beaten cocktail in which several ingredients were stirred: poetry of raw and open story, psychedelia, international politics, digital vandalism, electronic aesthetics lo fi, author’s love song with arrangements of winds and strings, television-internet-phobia-social-depression, mega violent metalcore guitars, whispered voices, distortion and hits.
Nahuel is an obsessive of care for the quality of the audio and material added to a deep respect for the public. He is at a very high point in his career with a lot of material to throw and with his powerful gem: “Useless Miracles”.
The album contains “Tu mascota” which will be the next undisputed hit of briones’ audience, the chorus is a bomb, the lyrics have the perfect share of sarcasm and poetry and the production is completely at another sound and creative level in relation to all his previous music.

9. “Trap” by Damián Córdoba

After several years since his last release, the King of the quartet returns with all his strength to begin presenting, during the coming months, the material that will make up his new album, #27. 
“Trampa” will be the first single that will be available on all digital platforms on Friday, August 5 and will feature a new video clip that will premiere that same day at 5 p.m.
Damián Córdoba is a phenomenon of the quartet that remains in force over time. With more than 20 years of experience, it continues to fill every dance and festival where it is presented, summoning crowds.
Although in his 35 years he has a long way to go, Damián is one of the youngest artists of the quartet that today are sounding nationally.

10. Tree’s “Goodbye Goodbye”

“Goodbye Goodbye” is the first single that Árbol releases in 2022 and will be part of his next album that is about to come out.
A song that appeals to an emotional and tender side to tell what it is like to live a separation and experience the sad sensations that are awakened to finally accept and follow each one a path.
In the words of the band: “The members of Árbol feel very happy with this release and all those who will come, since in recent months  we had the opportunity to do many live shows and in all those presentations a great expectation was generated for what is going to come”.
Árbol returns to the stage of the Vorterix Theater, the appointment will be on Saturday, September 3 at 9 p.m.

11. “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2” by Calvin Harris

Today, multi-platinum artist, successful producer and GRAMMY winner Calvin Harris has released his highly anticipated sixth album. studio, “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2”.
Calvin selected 23 of the most dynamic artists in music today to collaborate on this album. “Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2” is full of psychedelic instrumentation and a series of exciting and unexpected encounters  between the participating artists.
Among the collaborations is “Obsessed” feat. Charlie Puth and Shenseea, and the previously released tracks “Potion” feat. Dua Lipa and Young Thug, “New Money” feat. 21 Savage, “Stay With Me” feat. Justin Timberlake, Halsey and Pharrell, and “New To You” feat. Normani, Tinashe and Offset.

12. “No Girlfriend” by Nicky Jam

The idol of Latin music, actor and businessman Nicky Jam, surprises with the premiere of his new single “Sin Novia”, under the production of Jorge Milliano, a song full of urban flavor, a genre that the artist leads very well.
“Sin Novia” composed by Nicky Jam himself, together with Juan Diego Medina, Jorge Alberto Erazo, Luis A. O’Neill and Andrés Jael Correa, with the production of Jorge Milliano, promises to be the new musical success of the singer
The song includes an urban Latin melody that will make the whole world enjoy the best style of the reggaeton idol.
“I feel happy with the result of this song and the video, I hope you feel identified and share it. I thank the people who always support me and take me to the highest levels, thank you for motivating me to keep creating music,” said Nicky Jam.

13. KBL’s “Trying to Escape”

KBL (Karma, flag, spears) presents “Trying to escape”, this is the fourth cut that emerges from his album “El Club de los Cuervos” released in May of this year.
“Trying to Escape” is a song composed remotely, and in collaboration between Argentina and the United States, place of residence of a great friend of KBL named Mauricio de Brum, better known as “Negro Reinxident”.
The vocals were recorded in the United States and assembled in Argentina along with the final mix of the song, and features the participation of the protagonist of this story of uprooting and pain for having to leave his country in search of a better life for his family; and at the same time  joy of being able to share, at a distance, the passion for making music.

14. Maluma “Tsunami”

The global idol of Latin music, Maluma, has just released the new music video for his song “Tsunami” that he performs with his colleagues De La Ghetto and Arcángel. It should be noted that this sexy track is part of his most recent album The Love and Sex Tape.
In the video clip of “Tsunami” you can see Maluma, De La Ghetto and Arcangel in a party atmosphere, surrounded by beauty, where together they enjoy an unforgettable night, dancing to the rhythm of this urban song. 
“Tsunami”, was written by Juan Luis Londoño Arias (Maluma), and is one of the 8 songs included in The Love & Sex Tape, which represents the sixth record production of the Colombian superstar.

15. “We are what we were RMX” by Axel and La K’onga

After the success of his most recent single “Somos lo que fuimos”, a classic ballad by Axel, the musician and composer joined La K’onga, one of the most listened to bands in Argentina to revert the song in cumbia rhythm.
In “Somos lo que fue RMX” La K’onga adds a new air to Axel’s romantic lyrics and impregnates the single with a danceable and festive spirit, which can be seen in the video directed by Facu Von Coptel.
About this release Axel says: “It is a very important song for me, and it is a great honor to be able to share with La K’onga this version. We have more things in common than people realize,” says the artist.
“We are very happy with the result. We deeply hope that this song will touch their hearts and make them dance,” they concluded.

16. “Caramelo” by Rocco Hunt with Lola Indigo and Elettra Lamborghini

She is already making all of Italy dance and now she is ready to conquer the Spanish public as well. “Caramelo” premieres, the Spanish version of Rocco Hunt’s new song with Lola Indigo and Elettra Lamborghini.
“Caramelo” is rocco Hunt’s third song of the summer in Spanish, followed by the great collaborations with Ana Mena on the singles “Un beso de improviso”, and “A un paso de la Luna”, the song of 2020 with enormous success throughout Europe.

17. “Lucky Ones” by Julian Lennon

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Julian Lennon has released “Lucky Ones,” a new preview of his upcoming album “Jude” to be released on September 9. This new single adds to previously released “Breathe,” “Save Me,” “Every.” Little Moment” and “Freedom”.
“Lucky Ones” captures Lennon’s ability to inspire hope and unity with a “hook” that reminds us that we are the “lucky ones,” while his passion for climate action manifests itself with lyrics calling for revolution. 
The lyrics of the song read, “I feel like a change is coming, I know, I feel like a new revolution is knocking on my door.  I feel like such a strong change is coming.  It may not be forever, but I know we’re the lucky ones…” 
The album’s title, “Jude,” is a nod to The Beatles’ legendary song “Hey Jude,” written by Paul McCartney to comfort Julian, who was 5 years old at the time, following his parents’ separation. Originally written as “Hey Jules,” McCartney swapped “Jules” for “Jude” because he thought it sounded better on the song.  

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