World Breastfeeding Week

Bushi (Laboratorios Andrómaco), a leading brand in the market of products for breastfeeding, joined the initiative that is celebrated worldwide and that this year has as its motto: “Let’s promote breastfeeding by supporting and educating” carrying out various activities to give visibility to the subject. World Breastfeeding Week, held every year during the first week of August, is a coordinated global campaign to raise awareness and stimulate action on breastfeeding issues. The Pan American Health Organization joins the global community in supporting efforts to strengthen measures to protect, promote, and support the right to breastfeeding throughout the Region of the Americas.

Among the activities carried out by Bushi to accompany the campaign, there were two alive from her Instagram account where the childcare worker Belén Corallo (@belupueri) provided information and answered queries from the followers on issues such as the prevention of cracks, the correct use of nipples, the extraction and conservation of breast milk, among others. On the other hand, the brand organized an exclusive talk for journalists by Alicia Mollo, a psychologist expert in breastfeeding. The meeting took place in Croque Madame de Av. Libertador, where Ms. Mollo, advisor to the brand for 17 years, shared information and answered queries on the subject in question. In addition, they talked about the different products that the brand has, among which are: Calendula cream, silicone nipples and nipple aerating shields. There was also demonstration of its corresponding use. Alicia agrees with other specialists that breastfeeding is one of the processes that most favors the neurodevelopment of the child. In addition, he told viewers that breast milk grants physical immunity, emotional nourishment, secure attachment and stimulates the baby’s cognitive development. It also decreases the risk of infectious diseases and sudden infant death. Continuing with the World Health Organization, it recommended exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and then introducing solid foods, continuing breastfeeding until two years or more. Good care of the breasts and nipples is vital in the process to promote the outflow of milk. During the first three months of life the breast has no schedule and it is recommended to offer it every time the baby demands it. To then, yes, establish breastfeeding times.
Mollo explains that “offering the other breast after you finish with one, guarantees the reception of the milk with the highest amount of fat that is at the end of the intake. Breastfeeding more often increases production and thus the baby receives what he requires at each stage. Breastfeeding shouldn’t hurt.” However, many times, breastfeeding can cause the nipples to become tender and cracked. Bushi calendula cream is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Using it before pregnancy prevents cracks by keeping the skin hydrated and during breastfeeding provides a feeling of relief and immediate freshness, all thanks to the benefits of calendula. The latter is a yellow flower that, due to its healing capacity, strengthens the skin by protecting it from external aggressions and increasing the production of collagen. In addition, it reduces the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that can occur during wounds and has a great anti-inflammatory capacity. On the other hand, the expert also highlighted the benefits at the emotional level: “breastfeeding has a great impact on an emotional level for the mother and baby, as well as for the entire family group.” Communication with babies occurs through skin-to-skin contact, a look or a caress. They in turn communicate with the rhythm of suction or even breathing. It’s important to know that they not only feed physically, but emotionally as well.” There are emotional situations, internal conflicts that women go through and this is then reflected in breastfeeding,” she continued. Hence the importance of strengthening the capacity of the actors and systems involved in the promotion of breastfeeding in the different areas of society, in order to provide adequate accompaniment, protection and support to mothers who decide to breastfeed, as highlighted by the motto of World Breastfeeding Week 2022.

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