Magallanes Prosecutor’s Office reformalizes former PDI Director Héctor Espinosa

The Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Magallanes reformed during this day the former general director of the Investigation Police (PDI), Héctor Espinosa Valenzuela, which means that the investigation of the case enters its final stretch.
Espinoza was formalized in October 2021 for the crimes of embezzlement of public funds, money laundering and falsification of public instrument repeatedly.
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According to Radio Bio Bío, the prosecutor’s office reformalized the case, in addition to the fact that they added the crime of money laundering to point out other facts. Given this, the team investigating the former general director of the PDI is carrying out the last diligences.
It should be noted that during the hearing the defendant’s spouse, María Neira Cabrera, and the former personal assistant, Commissioner Eduardo Villablanca, were informed that investigations against them also persist.

Two-month extension
Being in its last steps, it was decided to extend the investigation period by two more months. The hearing held in the Seventh Court of Guarantee of Santiago also specified the moments in which the accused committed money laundering.
Remember that the defendants are accused of stealing between 2015 and 2017 the amount of $ 146 million pesos, which were intended to satisfy the Reserved Expenses that are assigned to the PDI.

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