Executive responds to comptroller’s report on lack of the dispensation of Minister Jackson: “The Government has called on all sectors to present their proposals”

The Minister spokeswoman of the Government, Camila Vallejo, responded on Friday afternoon to the report of the Comptroller’s Office -issued today- which established that the Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), Giorgio Jackson, “did not adjust to the necessary dispensation that is required in the face of the plebiscite (of September 4)”.
Minister Jackson said that the Segpres would be the body in charge of receiving the proposals of the ruling party to formulate reforms to the new Constitution, if it is approved. According to the Comptroller’s Office, the Secretary of State excluded parties adhering to the Rejection. The Government stated that the appeal was made to all sectors.
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In a press point from La Moneda, Minister Vallejo said that “we attend and consider respectable” the comptroller’s report, but pointed out that “both Minister Jackson and the Government itself on several occasions have called on all sectors, whether they are of the Approval, be they supporters of the Rejection, to present their different proposals for what happens after September 4, on the day of the plebiscite.”
In that line, he reiterated the call to the sectors and parties adhering to the Rejection “to also agree on the way forward for September 5 in consideration of eventually winning the option that they promote or support, in this case the Rejection, for what, to also give certainty of the way forward.”
Calls for opposition
Vallejo also explained that Minister Jackson made two calls to the adherents of the Rejection to present their proposals for September 5.
“This was done on August 6, in a public statement, on August 10, in a statement that I can quote verbatim from Minister Jackson himself,” the spokeswoman said.
“From Segpres we are open to receive proposals wherever they come from, to generate certainties from September 5 onwards,” he said, quoting the head of the Segpres.

Recall that the Comptroller issued that report after a letter sent by DC deputies Eric Aedo and Joanna Pérez. In it, the legislators asked to verify “a possible violation of the principles of juridicality and probity directly,” regarding the statements of the Secretary of State.

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