All about the girl who went to work in Quintana Roo and DID NOT COME BACK

Isla Mujeres.- On July 21, Fernanda Canul Blanco, 12, left her home to go to work at the house of a taquero neighbor in Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, however she never returned to her family. Her mother said in an interview for Animal Político that initially they did not want to let her work, however, both this and her mother allowed her to believe that it was a good time for her to know the value of money. ” She was studying and it was only because of the holidays that she asked her dad and me for permission to work. We didn’t want to first, but he told us he wanted to know how money is made, because he’s long wanted us to buy him a phone,” the woman said. Noticing that the girl was not returning to her home, they went to ask about her at the house where she worked washing the dishes, but they received a negative response. No one knew about her. Two days later his suspicions increased when he realized that Marcos Antonio Cauich Adrián, one of the main suspects, left the place with everything and his belongings. Given this, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Quintana Roo offered a reward of one million pesos to anyone who provides reliable information that contributes to the location of the subject, who according to the version publicly disseminated in the southern entity would be responsible for the disappearance of Fernanda.La amount offered by the FGE has an explanation, the parents of the infant went to protest one of the events held in the state by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), if not, would be a case of so many more in Mexico.Help locate Fernanda The Amber Alert search form indicates that Fernanda Canul Blanco, wore red shorts and blue flip-flops with stars at the time of disappearing in the Continental Zone of Isla Mujeres. He measures 1.40 cm, is of light brown complexion, thin complexion, has black and straight hair. The mother of the child said, according to La Silla Rota, that she has had a hard time since the first moments of the disappearance and asked society to provide data to find her as soon as possible. We recommend you read: “Very painful when my daughter told me that she was not where she worked, I felt overwhelmed, sad, crying, but as one mother says, she has to draw willpower to be able to go out and look and walk,” the woman said through tears. VIDEO: The presence of a supposed witch alerts neighbors
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