Spokeswoman of the Apruebo values agreement for reforms and clarifies that the command was not part of the negotiations

The spokeswoman for the Approve campaign, Deputy Karol Cariola, said Saturday that the command was not part of the negotiations aimed at agreeing on a series of reforms to the new Constitution, a commitment assumed by the directives of the parties that make up the two pro-government coalitions in case the Approve wins in the plebiscite of September 4.
“Our command did not participate in the development of an agreement,” said the Communist Party deputy, who, however, was emphatic in highlighting the ability of the Coalitions Approve Dignity and Democratic Socialism to reach an agreement that benefits the country.
“We absolutely value that the political forces dialogue, that they reach agreements, the agreements do good for democracy. However, we from the command are dedicated to work in the territory,” he said.
In addition, he added that, although they are focused on the Approve campaign and differentiating the proposal of the Constitutional Convention from the current Constitution, “we have always said: the new Constitution is a basis for a new political moment that Chile is experiencing. It’s not set in stone.”
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