Relatives of miners say time has been lost for rescue

Relatives of the 10 miners trapped in the El Pinabete coal mine, in Coahuila, claimed that “time has been lost” in the rescue work, while demanding to know what the new strategy of the authorities is after this Sunday it was reported that the water level in the place rose again.
At a last-minute press conference tonight, they demanded answers and continued work to find their loved ones.
“I think so, time has been lost, they should have attacked the general cannons of the mine from the beginning,” said Plutarco Ruiz Loredo, a relative of one of the buried workers, exposing what he considers a delay in pumping the water that flooded El Pinabete on August 3.

“What we want to know is what is being done, what the new strategy is,” he said.

Relatives of the 10 miners trapped in El Pinabete demand to know what are the new plans to carry out the rescue, after this morning it was announced that another “sudden” flood occurred in the coal wells.
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The families also accused that the authorities have not acted against those really responsible for the collapse that occurred a week and a half ago.

María Magdalena Montelongo, sister of miner Jaime Montelongo, said that those responsible are the owners, because they are the ones who earn money no matter what conditions the workers are in.
“I feel that those responsible are the owners … the owners of the wells,” he said.
From the federal government, the Civil Protection authorities affirm that since the day of the collapse they have worked non-stop to get the miners out. However, the families consider that the actions have been insufficient.
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