Changed the exam to get the driver’s license at caba

People who are going to take out for the first time the driver’s license cars in the City of Buenos Aires will stop taking the driving test, from Wednesday, on the track of Roca Avenue and must do so in the streets, in a “real environment”, the Buenos Aires Government reported today. The measure seeks to improve “safety and road coexistence” through changes to the protocol for the qualification of new drivers, as well as with the incorporation of modifications to the theoretical exam, from an increase in the number of questions, and an extension of the terms of validity of the license. The initiative will govern the granting of driver’s licenses for vehicles included in category B1 and will begin to be implemented this Wednesday in Comuna 12, and will continue gradually until October 15, the date on which the 10 venues planned throughout the Buenos Aires district will be completed. Currently, those who must give the practical driving test go to the track of Roca Avenue, in the south of the capital, where an examiner evaluates the skills for driving from the execution of a series of maneuvers, such as reversing, zig-zagging progress and parking in no more than three movements. With the new protocol, the exam will move to the streets of Buenos Aires, which were defined by the local authorities from the choice of “circuits” located within a radius of no more than 500 meters from the communal headquarters, and will have an estimated duration of 15 minutes. Dual-command cars will be used, which will be connected with an Integrated Monitoring System, from where the route will be controlled in real time; while the aspirants will be able to know in advance the dashboard of the car to which they will climb and will have the option to choose the type of gearbox between manual and automatic. The head of the Buenos Aires Cabinet, Felipe Miguel, explained that “each person who goes out with a car to the street has to be well prepared, with the knowledge and skills necessary to face the imponderables and traffic situations.” In tune, Manuela López Menéndez, Secretary of Transportation and Public Works, said that “within the framework of the road coexistence law, the new practical street exam tests the candidates in a scenario very similar to the one they will face when they have their license. This makes it more demanding and also closer to everyday situations.” The new system to process the card, meanwhile, will increase “the rigor” of the theoretical exam, which will go from requiring the applicant to answer the questionnaire correctly from 75% to 85%, while also increasing the number of questions from 30 to 40 and will have 45 minutes to complete it. The terms of validity of the driver’s licenses are extended
People from 16 to 39 years old will be able to obtain it for a period of up to 10 years, which will be defined according to the results obtained in each of the evaluation instances. New maximum periods of validity:- From 16 to 39 years: 10 years.- From 40 to 49 years: 6 years.- From 50 to 69 years: 4 years.- 70 years and more: 2 years. In addition, the validity of 2 years that was established for beginner drivers is eliminated, maintaining the restrictions of circulation by arteries with maximum speed of up to 70 km / h the first 6 months and zero alcohol for 2 years.

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