Morena, narco-states that kill journalists

Last Monday, journalist Fredid Román was murdered, who in previous weeks denounced the complicity of the state governments of Guerrero and the municipal government of Chilpancingo, in the extortion that has become widespread in that entity against private initiative.
Fredid Román was gunned down last Monday afternoon, in the center of Chilpancingo, when he left his office, by hitmen who shot him when he was inside his car.
Last July, Bladimir Román, son of the journalist killed last Monday, was also shot dead, after for weeks he refused to hand over to organized crime his business of distributing and selling chickens.
The two crimes are part of the climate of terror and violence imposed by the Morena party in Guerrero, upon the arrival of Governor Evelyn Salgado and the mayor of Chilpancingo, Norma Otilia Hernández Martínez, the two “puppets” of organized crime in Guerrero.
And it is not news to anyone that throughout Mexico the governments of Morena are, in fact, true local “narco-governments”.
That is, these are state efforts where organized crime, its power structures and its money bet on politics, through the intervention of electoral processes to, in this way, take their employees to municipal governments and state power.
Thus, once in power, the mafia structure gradually takes over not only the rents – the collection of floor –, but also the main private businesses – commerce, industry, agriculture, livestock and even water –, and displace municipal and state institutions.
A whole criminal network that is born, grows and reproduces under the protection and impunity of the three orders of Government and the Three Powers of the Union, especially the Mexican presidential power.
But the “emblem” of every narco-state is called Guerrero, where in the last decade the then leader of the PRD, López Obrador, bet on the alliance with powerful criminal gangs of the entity, such as Guerreros Unidos.
It is nothing new that with the help of Félix Salgado Macedonio, Lázaro Mason and Delfina Gómez, the criminal groups of Guerrero paid for the PRD franchise to govern cities such as Iguala, among others.
Then came “the purchase” of the Morena franchise – a party to which the power of organized crime bet heavily –, until in the last election of 2021 Guerrero “was scripted” to crime, which placed in the state government a “pelele” named Evelyn Salgado, daughter of the sexual predator Félix Salgado Macedonio.
But if at the state level the criminal groups placed a figurehead like Evelyn Salgado, in the mayor’s office of the capital, Chilpancingo, the phenomenon was the same; an unknown bureaucrat named Norma Otilia Hernández Martínez arrived at the municipal presidential office.
The surrender to organized crime was such that today criminal gangs control 90% of the economic activity of the entity, starting with the state capital, Chilpancingo.
In this way, commercial establishments must not only pay for floor; underhanded in an underground way by the state and municipal governments, but, in the criminal madness, private “businesses” are expropriated.
Yes, there is an expropriation in favor of the criminal groups that today control the distribution and sale of chicken, beef and pork, fish and seafood, tortillas … and especially all alcoholic beverages.
The control is carried out from the delivery of traces and refrigerators to the crime barons, by the state and municipal governments, which in return receive juicy dividends.
And precisely in that climate of extortion, Bladimir Román, son of journalist Fredid Román, refused to hand over his chicken distribution and sale business in the state and, for that reason, was murdered last July.
Through his media spaces – such as La Realidad Magazine and his column La Realidad Escrita –, journalist Fredid Román denounced the extortion of criminal gangs, the crime of his son and, above all, the complicity of municipal and state governments.
However, on the afternoon of Monday, August 22, he received the response of the thugs; as soon as he left his office he was gunned down.
But the most outrageous thing is that despite the fact that everyone in Guerrero knows who ordered the death of Fredid Román, President López Obrador limited himself to a mere “lament” of death, period.
That is, an open presidential complicity with the criminal gangs that have turned Guerrero into a real narco-state.
In turn, Article 19 reacted with a severe condemnation and the demand that the federal government grant preventive measures to the journalist’s family, to the media in which he collaborated and to those who disseminated their collaborations.
But Guerrero is no exception either. Criminal gangs have taken over vital industries in states where Morena governs, such as Sinaloa, where the narco-government of Rubén Rocha Moya handed over the fishing industry to crime.
Yes, for example, all the shrimp consumed in Mexico and much of the shrimp exported is controlled by the Chapo criminal gang, López Obrador’s main ally.
But the tragedy has reached scandalous levels, as that same mafia has seized control of water for risk, leading to the collapse of the profitable vegetable export industry.
And, of course, Sinaloa could not lack control of beer, also in criminal hands.
But that’s not where it all ends either.
In Michoacan, the United States government has already had to intervene to stop the export of avocado, in the hands of organized crime, which begins to collapse an industry of billions of dollars.
That is why, in the face of the infinite power of Morena’s narco-governments, the lives of journalists hang in the balance, as they submit to the rules imposed by crime or are killed; in open complicity with the three orders of Government and the Three Powers of the Union.
At the same time.

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