Judge releases his neighbor

Sergio Ismael ‘N’, a neighbor of Luz Raquel Padilla, mother of a child with autism who was burned in Zapopan, Jalisco, obtained his freedom and the suspension of the process against him for six months.
According to the lawyer, the judge determined that Ismael must comply with a series of precautionary measures, including reparation for the damage to the victim’s mother with an approximate amount of 15 thousand pesos.
If Ismael complies with the precautionary measures for six months, his legal status will subsequently be determined on a permanent basis.

“It was a positive result, it was possible to obtain the freedom of my client through a conditional suspension of process as an alternative solution to the conflict,” the lawyer said.
Sergio Ismael was imprisoned in the Puente Grande prison accused of crimes against the dignity of people and injuries.

This Thursday Sergio Ismael “N” who was arrested in the case of Luz Raquel Padilla several weeks ago, was released, confirms his lawyer Ricardo Pulido
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Before the legal status of the accused was reported, the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office revictimized Luz Raquel Padilla for the second time, saying that she made the pints with threats in the building where she lived.
Upon learning of new advances in the investigation of the case, she indicated that the pints where she lived, which she denounced before her death, were made by herself.
Quetzalli Meza, an expert in forensic sciences in the field of graphoscopy, said that the writing on the wall of the building where Luz Raquel lived was analyzed, as well as the writing of Sergio “N”, who got the suspension of his process for six months.
Luz Raquel Case
The case of Luz Raquel Padilla attracted national attention.
According to the testimonies that she herself disseminated, her neighbors threatened her and even assaulted her because they were upset with the noises made by her son, an 11-year-old boy diagnosed with autism.
After her death, friends and civil organizations have said publicly that she reported being the target of threats from her neighbors and was not attended to by the authorities.
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