Morena Rial charged with robbery, assaults and threats

After a few weeks ago Morena Rial was denounced by a group of domestic workers from Córdoba, ensuring that the influencer requested the services of women and then, excuses through, refused to pay them for the work.

Now the young woman was denounced, this time judicially, by a young man whom Jorge Rial’s daughter hit with some friends in a bowling alley and then broke her entire car causing serious damage to the vehicle and stealing its patent.
After the first reports, Morena made a live where he denied the facts and said that she had suffered an attempted robbery and that when she wanted to escape she collided with the car of the young victim. However, today, Fernanda Iglesias presented the news and showed the strong evidence where the young women, including Morena, are seen breaking the car, while laughing and drinking alcohol. Then and in a live, they show the patent for which they ask for 3 thousand pesos of reward.
After the complaint was filed, the girls had to appear at Judicial Unit No. 9 of San Vicente, and were charged by the prosecutor of District 2, Shift 1, Lourdes Quagliatti, for damages, theft and threats.

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