Turismo Carretera: Leonel Pernia stayed with the Paraná race

The tandilense Leonel Pernía, with Torino, won today in the final of the Turismo Carretera (TC), inheriting the tip by the abandonment of Valentín Aguirre, within the framework of the tenth date of the calendar of the specialty, which was run in the autodromo entrerriano de Paraná.Pernía agreed to the triumph before the first surcharge of who punted, the San Juan Facundo Della Motta, and the abandonment of Valentín Aguirre, who inherited the top, both with Dodge, and his escorts were the Delvisense Matías Rossi (Toyota Camry), and the local Mariano Werner (Ford). The competition had an unexpected turn with two laps left when aguirre was left due to engine breakage, who inherited the tip after the five-second surcharge imposed on Facundo Della Motta for shortening a chicane. In this way, Leonel Pernía, who came expectantly, was left with the triumph that will allow him to access the Gold Cup, and the current leader of the tournament, the reefer Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet), finished 12th, after a slight misstep, and his escort in the championship, the Balcarceño Santiago Mangoni, left early. The 12 qualifiers to the TC Gold Cup are:1) – Agustín Canapino (3 wins) 2) – Santiago Mangoni (1) 3) – Mauricio Lambiris4) – Germán Todino (1)5) – Juan Manuel Urcera (1)6) – Mariano Werner7) – Juan Cruz Benvenuti (1)8) – Jonatan Castellano 9) – Leonel Pernía (1) 10) – Esteban Gini 11) – Julián Santero 12) – Matías Rossi

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