Death of three men in street situation in CDMX investigated

Authorities in Mexico City are investigating the death of three men in a street situation in the Central neighborhood of Abasto, in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, after presenting apparent signs of intoxication.
The Prosecutor’s Office of the capital said that another man, also in a street situation, warned that his companions were sick, so paramedics went to the place and warned “apparent signs of intoxication”; three of them had already passed away, while one more was taken to a hospital for care.
In addition to the initiation of an investigation folder, the authorities collected evidence and testimonies for the case.

“The Public Ministry of the FGJCDMX continues the investigations into the facts, however, it will be the necropsy of Law, which determines the cause of death of these people,” said the Prosecutor’s Office.
In July, Animal Político released the story of Joshua, Mauricio and Damián, young people in street situations who have been sentenced to 24 years in prison, for not reporting a homicide they did not commit and of which they were also unaware until the authorities arrested them for a street brawl that occurred elsewhere.
The Ednica association warns that in general, the data regarding violations of the rights of people in street situations, and particularly by instances of justice, are scarce or non-existent, where the invisibility of this population is reflected.

According to the study “Legal identity and street populations. Diagnosis of Mexico City”, carried out by the UNAM, eight out of 10 people surveyed who lived on the street reported having been discriminated against or assaulted by a person in the public service; preponderantly, policemen.
In the same way they refer to facing beatings, humiliations or sexual violence, of which they are constantly objects.
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