More than 1,200 new jobs will be offered in the fifth version of Expo Inclusion 2022

Undoubtedly, one of the most anticipated meetings at the national level is the Inclusion Expo, a meeting place and opportunities for hundreds of people and migrants with disabilities.
According to Paola Ortega, executive director of Expo Inclusión, “this year the fair hopes to offer more than 1200 inclusive employment opportunities throughout Chile, which translates into new possibilities for job seekers, whether technicians, professionals and people who develop in trades. This new number is quite encouraging because it speaks of better possibilities for people with disabilities compared to last year.”
Applications can be made through the website from October 3 and you can participate in job mentoring, request interviews with employers online, leave the curriculum freely in 120 organizations and participate in a tremendous Congress and Talks.
This initiative is sponsored by Banco Chile, seeks to create an instance that brings together at one point the State, academia, social organizations and companies that seek to make Chile more inclusive.
In addition, in parallel, the showcase of SMEs called “Women with an inclusive sense” will work during the same week, supported by SQM, which seeks to improve opportunities for women with disabilities and caregivers who, for different reasons, cannot work in a company in a formal way and prefer to develop their own entrepreneurship, “he said.
It should be noted that this fifth version comes to promote not only the visibility of decent jobs for people with disabilities, but also includes training and talks on social rights, educational options and tips on the best ways to get a job in our country.
“All this is part of a public-private collaboration that has been carried out for 5 years thanks to the important support of Banco de Chile, and in addition to SMU, IST, BASF, BHP, Angloamerican, among other companies and foundations that promote Expo Inclusión and that, year after year, seek to underpin employability at the national level, which until today has not recovered the pre-pandemic growth rate”, Ortega said.
Innovations in this version
He also commented that this year, within the framework of Expo Inclusion, two important initiatives will be launched, the communications and management foundation for inclusion and diversity, HUB Includes, where companies and people will find updated information on issues of inclusion and diversity; and the Includes Labor portal gives continuity to the search for jobs and publication of offers throughout the year and at no cost to the participants of Expo Inclusión.
In Chile there are a total of 2,836,818 people with disabilities, of which 2,606,914 of the people with disabilities are adults (from 18 years of age), that is, almost 20% of the national population of adults has disabilities according to the latest Endisc.

“These figures reveal that as a Society we must take care of promoting inclusion in the broadest sense of the word, therefore, we are sure that the Fair will contribute to the visibility and delivery of job opportunities within the ecosystem of inclusion by promoting the labor insertion of people with disabilities,” says Paola Ortega.
Asi Expo Inclusión hopes every year to reach its audience with more and better employment alternatives and content that will be the protagonists of this meeting, where in addition to offering more than a thousand jobs, 40 stands are donated to Foundations that can make their work visible and promote their projects to receive donations from people and companies or,   make links to manage and network within the framework of Expo Inclusion.
Finally, given the success achieved in the 2021 version, in which more than 53 thousand visits were received, more than 180 organizations, 40 foundations, 60 inclusive SMEs participated, more than 800 job offers were offered and more than 50 national and international speakers participated, expectations for 2022 are high. 

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