Ezeiza: Customs detected irregularities in the importation of merchandise

As reported, among all the seized were two endoscopes, which would have been tried to enter the country without having the proper certification of the ANMAT. Several plates for mining cryptocurrencies were also stopped, among others. Everything seized was obtained in the middle of the operation carried out during the management controls and inspections that the General Directorate of Customs preventively carries out around the income of merchandise made by the Postal Service Providers, usually called “Courrier” (door-to-door private mail system). As a result, and according to official sources, it was possible to detect the importation of goods reached by non-economic prohibitions, that is, merchandise with Trademark Fraud which could only be entered into the country by trademark owners or those who had the respective trademark license. The kidnapped merchandise belongs to various items such as electronics, watches, leather goods, as well as supplies and medical instruments: notebooks, tablets, smartwatches, virtual reality devices, electronic boards and circuits, cryptocurrency mining machine, watches, wallets, toys, and endoscopes, among others. According to the Customs statement, the goods turned out to be of recognized brands, however, in several cases they were finally identified as counterfeit. In addition, it was possible to detect the need to have the intervention of Third Certifying Bodies, such as ANMAT and SIMELA among others, which implies a clear case of maneuver of infringement of the regime. Cases of possible over-invoicing were also detected in violation of the limits established for the Courrier.Se indicated that the goods originate mostly in China and the United States, and that the approximate value of the merchandise in violation of Article 954 et seq. of the Customs Code amounts to 33,750,000 pesos.

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