”Representing a new era”: Easter Island will have a female Moai for the first time

For the first time on Easter Island a woman Moai will be carved, the figure seeks to make visible and highlight the role of women in the territory. The construction of “Moai vahine” is already in process and is projected to have a height of 1.60 meters with a weight of 350 to 400 kilos.
“It represents a new era and will be carved not only for the Polynesians, but also for the women of the world. This cultural proposal is a tribute to women relevant to Rapa Nui, who have marked our history,” said the president of the NGO Hoki Mai, Verónica Tuki-Hito. 
The moai vahine is part of the “Monumento de Mujer”, a project that seeks to create an open museum dedicated to women from the north to the south of Chile. 
It should be noted that the construction of the figure is framed under the “Hoki Mai Challenge”, which consists of a 500-kilometer canoe route between Easter Island and the Motu Motiro Hiv Park, located on Salas y Gómez Island. 
The challenge is also a journey dedicated to the defense and protection of the oceans, a recognition of the ancestral traditions of Rapa Nui and the cultural struggle of the women of the island. The canoe trip will be escorted by the Chilean navy and will begin on December 3.

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