President of the UDI by constituent process: affirms that “I am willing to be called a traitor” and indicates that an initial plebiscite “would be to put more uncertainty”

The senator and president of the UDI, Javier Macaya, addressed this Sunday the continuation of the constituent process, within the framework of the dialogues between political parties. In this regard, he indicated that he is willing to be called a “traitor.”
“I am willing to be called a traitor, to be founded, as long as Chile can put the ball to the ground on the constitutional issue thinking about the coming decades, we must close,” Macaya said in conversation with Mesa Central of Channel 13.
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Recall that members of Team Patriota, a movement led by former White Claw leader Francisco Muñoz – better known as Pancho Malo, who was imprisoned for homicide – surrounded Macaya’s vehicle today while he was on his way to Channel 13. The subjects rebuked him and even shouted “traitor of the UDI”. This, because of the dialogues he has held to continue with the constituent process.
Entry plebiscite
Regarding the option of holding an entry plebiscite for a new constituent process, the helmsman of the UDI said that “it would be to put more uncertainty to what is happening today in Chile.”
“Our intention is not to eliminate the democratic deliberation that has to take place in the future body that drafts the new Constitution, it is not to leave moorings, but to set certain authorizing principles,” he added.
Proposal of Chile Vamos
The senator was also asked about the proposal presented on Friday by Chile Vamos, which contains some constitutional principles.
Macaya commented that the position of the coalition is “ex ante, without this implying writing, because here we have been accused that we want to write before the Constitution and that we want to omit the necessary democratic deliberation that has to be given by the organ.
“What we want to do today is not to inhibit that democratic deliberation that has to take place in the organ, but to fix a field for it. There is a lot of talk about the blank sheet, even the blank sheets have edges,” he added.

Chile Vamos’ proposal contains constitutional principles such as “the unity of the State of Chile; the existence of three autonomous and independent branches of government; the existence of a bicameral Congress composed of a Chamber of Deputies and a Senate; the protection of the right to life; the protection of the environment,” the document states.
To these are added “the protection of property, extending it to pension funds and the use of water; the express consecration of the Carabineros de Chile and the forces of order, in general, in an autonomous title; the protection of the right to choose in educational, health and social security matters; and the protection of an autonomous Central Bank, are fundamental issues to give security to Chileans.”
They also propose to constitute a technical-political committee of delegates, “where in proportion to the political forces with parliamentary representation, people with experience in public and institutional affairs, can meet” to work on constitutional principles and a proposal for an itinerary.

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