They launched the most important design and poster competition in South America

A new edition of “Arte Único”, the poster and art contest held 15 years ago, was launched with the aim of reaffirming the commitment to art. Under the slogan “Your art connects the world”, the initiative promoted by Fernet Branca takes disciplines such as photography, drawing, painting and design in a work with a free theme that manages to represent the spirit of the brand. The novelty of this edition of the artistic contest is that the participation will be extended to Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, both in contestants and juries. In addition, the works of the winners will then be transformed into NFT’s, so that artists can begin to take their first steps in the world of digital art. Who and how you can participate
The activities will be developed with a free theme, encouraging the creativity of each artist. To participate, it is only necessary to be of legal age, and send, in the first instance, the works in a digitized way through the online platform of the contest,, which will be in force from September 15 to November 15. Then, between November 30 and December 9, the general public will be able to participate by voting, through the contest website, their favorite works. The closing event will be held on Thursday 15 of that month. The jury will be composed of a multidisciplinary team of experts in urban art, contemporary art, graphic design, illustration and posters. The members are: for Argentina, Enrique Longinotti, Hernán Berdichevsky and Tamara Selvood; representing Chile, Andrea Margozzini; Uruguayan designer and visual artist Amijai Benderski; and Oscar Montania, better known as OZ, designer, illustrator and urban artist from Paraguay.The winners will be awarded $500,000 for the first place, while the second will take $400,000 and the third $300,000. In addition, the winner of the Motion Poster category will be recognized with $500,000. The Audience Award category is still valid and the general public will be able to vote for their favorite poster within the 25 selected from the Arte Único website. The judges do not intervene in the final decision of this category that will have a prize of $ 300,000 for whoever is chosen.

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