Minsal says employers will not be able to require masks from their employers from October 1

This Saturday, October 1, all of Chile enters the Opening phase of the “Step by Step, We Continue Taking Care of Ourselves” Plan, except Rapa Nui and Juan Fernández. At this stage, the end of the mandatory use of the Mobility Pass and the mask is highlighted (except in health facilities and is recommended in public transport and agglomerations).
Given this scenario, the question has been raised whether employers can force their workers to wear masks in the workplace; Unknown that was answered by the Undersecretary of Public Health, Cristóbal Cuadrado, who said that the use of a mask in the workplace cannot be required, but if this input must be available.
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In the midst of the television balance on the evolution of Covid-19 in our country, Cuadrado indicated that “there are places where the use of masks is strongly recommended, such as public transport and closed places where there are important agglomerations.”
In that line, he stressed that a mask should be occupied if a person has respiratory symptoms in order to avoid contagion of Covid-19 or another disease.

Provision of masks in the workplace
The health authority insisted that every employer must have masks for workers.  “It cannot be demanded by employers, what is required and auditable is that employers have at their disposal the elements of personal protection,” Cuadrado said.

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