President Gabriel Boric announces the creation of Florido Desert National Park as part of National Environment Day

In the framework of the National Environment Day, the President of the Republic, Gabriel Boric, traveled to the Atacama region, specifically to the flowery area of the Desert to announce the beginnings of the process of creating the new Florido Desert National Park.
The purpose of the announcement responds to the protection of the area, the flowering phenomenon that occurs in the Atacama Desert -the driest in the world- with more than 200 species of plants – many of them endemic – and to promote tourism in the area.
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“We are here because we have a debt, as we recently talked with Sergio, with Gabriela, CONAF park rangers, with the protection of El Desierto Florido, but in particular with the protection of Atacama, and we commit ourselves as a government to start the process of creating the Florido Desert National Park,” the President began at a press point.
He also added that “for us the creation of the Florido Desert National Park is a way to advance on this path of sustainability. There are more than 200 species of flowers. There is also an exquisite fauna that must also be protected. And we also see that the Atacama Region in general, has a tourist potential that is tremendous and that we have to take care of more.”

We celebrate the #DíadelMedioAmbiente with announcements for the protection and conservation of the Florid Desert with the creation of the future #ParqueDesiertoFlorido 🌹
— Government of Chile (@GobiernodeChile) October 2, 2022

This new National Park will be located in the commune of Copiapó and will be number 44 in the country.
Press point of President Gabriel Boric

Video via Presidency.

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