Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso invites you to reflect on the common with unmissable conferences, conversations and shows

Different scenarios in Valparaiso will be the meeting points with the ideas that will allow us to imagine the world in community. The most important cultural festival in the country will be held this year between November 7 and 13, with more than 30 national and international guests, who will participate together with the Buenos Aires public and its visitors in dozens of activities: conferences, conversations and shows. This year, guests include some of the most recognized voices in science, letters, art and thought.
One of the most outstanding guests of this edition is the Italian philosopher Luciano Floridi, a world expert in the ethics of artificial intelligence, the philosophy of information and the philosophy of technology. He is very committed to policy initiatives that address the social implications of digital technologies and their applications, and collaborates closely on these issues with many governments and businesses around the world. At the Festival Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso 2022 he will be in charge of the opening conference to talk about “the future of democracy in the information society” and in a conversation about ethics and artificial intelligence.
In addition to the writers already announced Philippe Sands, English, who is also a jurist and expert in war crimes and the national author Bejamanín Labatut, is also joined by the writer David Foenkinos. The French author has captivated millions of readers around the world, with award-winning works such as La delicadeza (Seix Barral, 2009) and Charlotte (Alfaguara, 2015).
Brazilian neuroscientist Ana Christina Nobre is another of the announced guests. Recognized with prestigious scientific awards given in different countries, this Oxford-trained researcher is characterized by her innovative and multimethodological studies of attention, focusing on how the brain proactively and dynamically focuses on relevant information in memory and the external environment to optimize perception, choice, action and learning.
Also in the field of science, the Argentine scientific popularizer Federico Kukzo, recognized for his science books for all audiences, will star in an unmissable activity where he will address the sense of smell from a historical and scientific point of view.
The outstanding Argentine thinker Flavia Costa, will refer to the era of the Technocene: human beings that through technological and industrial developments of high complexity such as nuclear energy, we leave traces that can, as in the case of the Chernobyl accident, which occurred in 1986, affect the life of half the planet, with effects on the ecosystem that will last as long or longer than the one that humanity has already been on Earth. While the German philosopher Hartmut Rosa, director of the Max Weber Center, at the University of Erfurt and considered one of the most outstanding intellectuals of the so-called “new critical theory”, will address the acceleration of society, in a talk entitled “A world without control”.
Arts and shows
“Músicas para la imagen, de Jorge Arriagada a Raúl Ruiz”, is the title of the concert that the Chamber Orchestra of Chile will perform at the Aula Magna Theater of the Santa María University, where new orchestrations will be performed by the prolific composer Jorge Arriagada, for the films La ciudad de los piratas (1983) and La lechuza ciega (1987), a magical musical journey through the films of Ruiz, one of the most important filmmakers in the history of Chile and Latin America, along with the solo interpretation of Pascuala Ilabaca.
The French company Basinga, will star in a daring and fascinating balancing show in the public space, where attendees will have a particular role and participation in the state of tension of the tightrope that the tightrope walkers will have the challenge of traveling on it. It is an artistic show of international level that arrives for the first time in the port city.
“One collection, other looks”, is called the exhibition developed in conjunction with the Baburizza Museum and the curatorship of the visual artist and editor Pablo Chiuminatto, which presents a special tour of his collection, through the eyes of fifteen women from different fields of culture who were invited to share their appreciations of some works. In addition, the performative intervention “The awakening of the monster” will be presented, which through a sensory and sonic experience addresses the phenomenon of the demanding public of the Viña Festival and its relationship with the artists.
Details of schedules, registration and ticket sales ($2,000 general, free students) are available here.

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