Salvador Llamas’ Murder Was Planned by Organized Crime

Jalisco prosecutor Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz confirmed that the attack on Salvador Llamas, a Morena adviser and Puerto Vallarta official, was orchestrated and planned by organized crime.
“It confirms that line that is being worked on, that it is organized crime that is behind the execution of Salvador, the way in which the event is carried out, the dynamics and the hehcos,” the prosecutor said at a press conference.
It was also revealed that between seven and 10 people participated in the murder of the counselor, which occurred on October 21 in a restaurant in Guadalajara.

🔴 Join us for our press conference #EnVivo headed by the State Prosecutor, Maestro Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruiz, in which progress will be announced in the investigations carried out around the violent events that occurred last Friday.
— Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office (@FiscaliaJal) October 23, 2022

The official announced that Salvador Llamas arrived at the restaurant at 5:30 p.m.; And fifteen minutes later the people arrived who ended up sitting at the table with the official.
The prosecution released images of the moment in which one of the people sitting with Salvador shoots him directly.

“The agents of the Public Ministry are investigating who were the people who were at the table with the victim,” the prosecutor said.
Another loose end is the disappearance of the backpack that Salvador Llamas brought when he arrived at the restaurant and did not appear in the area.
“What happened to the backpack that the murdered official was carrying and that no longer appeared in the area? and why the head of the agency that manages and operates drinking water in his municipality had that number of bodyguards, including Vallarta police and had armored vehicles. These elements will be the ones with which the investigation will continue,” he said.
It was identified that the assailant of the official also died. So far no detainees have been arrested
Attack on Guadalajara restaurant
An armed attack on a restaurant in Guadalajara, Jalisco, left three dead. One of the people who died was Salvador Llamas, Morena’s national advisor and Puerto Vallarta official.
In addition, four people were injured by the attack.
According to the Secretariat of Security of Guadalajara, reports of gunshots were received around 6 pm this Friday, inside the Sonora Grill restaurant, located in the Providencia neighborhood, where security elements found three people dead.
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