Video | Harlem Festival and a celebration of the great moment that the national music scene is experiencing

The Harlem Festival had everything: an oppressive heat followed by an unexpected cold, varied audience with very good vibes and a very interesting combo of artists in its line up. It really was a celebration of national talent, the same talent that today is putting Argentina at the top of the world. The shows at Santa Fe’s Belgrano Station served as a polaroid to capture where the local music scene stands. There were artists who were finding their sound in the last time, others who gained more experience on stage, and even others who directly made their return. Things have evolved in our musical ecosystem and Harlem was a great space where you could see it. The grid was a good combo of international numbers (Nicki Nicole, Emilia), urban references (Acru, Dillom, Saramalacara) and kings of indie pop rock (El Mató, 1915, Silvestre and La Naranja). The public, a good receiver of all of them, attentive and eager to celebrate regardless of time or weather. Between three stages were divided bands, soloists, duos and DJs. The shows of the two main stages did not overlap, which gave time to see the full number and tour the venue calmly. The winner of day 1 was undoubtedly Dillom, who made a shortened version of the show he presented at Luna Park and received the same love in Santa Fe as in his hometown. Closely followed by the Airbags that, like him, took to those lands the inflatable of Frankenstein that they used on their Moon for one of their themes. Ah, but now they added fire, skeleton masks, giant balls and a cover of Leo Mattioli. 10/10. Big shout out for the locals Cinturón de Bonadeo and their immersive recital/experience and the dancers of Nicki Nicole who got engaged on stage.
For day 2 the heat finally gave a break and the day was predisposed for SIlvestre and La Naranja that gives so much pleasure to hear. The Killed a Motorized Policeman followed the game a bit and threw his waterfall of temones after another, and Taichu cut with that wave to give his share of dirty pop, and Acru for “a special mass” in which he said goodbye to his old material and warmed up engines for what will be his new album. For his part, Chano, who had just made his big return in Rosario the night before, made another kind of comeback but to the city, since he had not played there for 8 years. His songs, now revalued, continue to hit hard in adults and children. Emilia, meanwhile, brought her polished show with pristine choruses and a better incorporation of the band to their most urban songs, driving girls and adolescents crazy. And yes, the winners of day 2 are the two of them: Ca7riel and Paco Amoroso, who 3 years after giving their last show together, this year decided to get back together and God willing never to separate again. Their show is chaos. And more now that they bet heavily on the elements of electronic music. His audience tears his throat screaming his lyrics and leaves his soul in the middle of the pogo. The fireworks and a version of “El Mal” that Ca7riel did not spend on singing, preferred to shake it with the full crew at the front of the stage closed with glory and papel picado the weekend of the festival. In moments like that is that you think: what talents of the fuck we have in our lands and what a pleasure it is to see them live.

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