Festival Moda Chile: the best of national author design celebrates its tenth anniversary at iF

Designers of clothing, footwear, jewelry and accessories will meet in one place to reflect on the path traveled by this national industry and future challenges.
At the Festival Moda Chile there will also be conversations with international guests, exhibitions and of course an exhibition and sale of the best of national author design.
“The idea is to bring together all the actors of the Chilean Fashion System, from suppliers and creators to academia, companies and the state, around a trade and a task that is growing more day by day,” says Francisca Tornero, current president of the association that today already has more than 100 members.
“We want to promote this industry, and at the same time show everything that is happening today around Chilean author fashion, where there is a very strong potential,” he adds.
The project has iF Chile as a strategic partner, aiming at the generation of collaborative spaces with entrepreneurs and innovators, from its role as content generator and producers.
This is how the meeting, whose main objective is to make Author Design visible in the fields of fashion, accessories and footwear, puts in value original products designed and produced in Chile that promote the circular economy and is a must for all those interested in fashion and the potentials that exist in our territory.
“This festival is among the 5 most important milestones that we have planned as a country for this Design Month, where we have joined forces in order to bring the work of creatives to as many people as possible,” says Joaquín Bejares, director of Local Chile and general coordinator of the Design Month of the Ministry of Culture. Arts and Heritage.
The event is raised together with iF Chile and supported by Prochile, the Ministry of Culture and Arts, Municipality of Providencia and various Chilean universities, will be held in a hybrid way, having as a base of operations the Explanada Factoría Italia and Teatro iF, both in the commune of Providencia, where the exhibitions will be held, Talks and workshops during the 3 days of celebration. 

The celebration of the guild of Fashion Designers of Chile will be on November 11, 12 and 13 at the Esplanade of the Factoría Italia and the iF Theater.

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