Boca will face Racing in the final of the Champions Trophy; Córdoba: the mayor of San Francisco was shot and wounded; Alberto Fernández replied to Máximo Kirchner; Tanzania: Plane crashed into lake; Mirtha Legrand crossed Ludovica and much more…

1. Boca will face Racing in the final of the Champions Trophy: schedule and TV of the match

In the last match of the semester, the Academy wants to close with a title against the League and National Cup champion. I kept reading here… 2. Córdoba: San Francisco mayor wounded

Doctors had to remove a kidney and say the next 72 hours will be key to his recovery. Read on here… 3. Alberto Fernández replied to Máximo Kirchner: “No one ponders unity more than me”

The president responded to the leader of La Cámpora after calling him an “adventurer”: “You can accuse me of anything but doing personal adventures,” he replied. I kept reading here… 4. Italy: Immigration is limited and opposition calls it “inhumane”

The new Italian government refused to allow rescued people on a German boat to enter the country. The Democratic Party called the measure “illegal” and “inhumane.” I kept reading here… 5. Instituto beat Defensores and will face Estudiantes in the final of the reduced

The Cordobans eliminated Defensores de Belgrano at home and will define the promotion to first against Estudiantes de Buenos Aires. Read on here… 6. Tanzania: A plane crashed into a lake

A plane with 43 passengers on board crashed into Lake Victoria. Currently 26 people have already been rescued. I kept reading here… 7. Ricardo Darín was honored at the Mar del Plata International Festival

The renowned actor was present at La Feliz, where after a special screening of “Argentina, 1985” he was awarded for his extensive career. I kept reading here… 8. Mirtha Legrand crossed Ludovica: “Never correct a driver”

The historical interviewer mistold a fact about Ludovica’s father, was corrected and crossed the astrologer. Read on here… 9. Guardiola responded to Ibrahimovic: “He’s right, my ego is huge”

The Spanish coach used irony to respond to the Milan striker’s accusations and praised Earling Haaland. Read on here… 10. Champions: Argentina beat Spain and won the Padel World Cup

In an exciting definition, Belasteguín and Sanyo Gutiérrez achieved the consecrating point to obtain the Dubai World Cup. I kept reading here…

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