Cecilia Insignia spoke about the aggressions she receives for her body

Cecilia Insignia is a renowned journalist with a long career who is currently working in TN taking the news from the street to the mobile signal. And she is also very active in social networks where she shares recipes, looks and family moments with her children and her partner, Diego Brancatelli. However, today, he took some time to reflect with his followers and listed some of the messages he receives from haters, whom he invited to understand that we do not talk about the body of others and that we are in times of acceptance and self-love. With a very smiling photo, Cecilia wrote: You have horrible teeth, close your mouth”, “fat pedorra”, “long desserts”, “with love, but hide the arms that look bad in the photos”, “How many gray hairs you have! Dye now!”, “what tits, mommy”, “inedible fat”, he captured in his feed. And then he analyzed: “These are just some of the comments I received in recent days in the feed and by private messages related to my physical appearance. I try to read and answer as much as I can even though sometimes I don’t get there… or I don’t want to see these things,” he said, then made the message clear. “Can there be people who in this century still did not understand that they do not think about the body of others?” he closed bluntly. 

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