Santoro said he hasn’t spoken to Alberto Fernandez for months.

Frente de Todos deputy Leandro Santoro revealed details about the deterioration of his relationship with President Alberto Fernández. In that sense, the national legislator said that “three or four months” he has not spoken with the president. Even the leader of the ruling party in dialogue with Radio Neura, said: “I have not spoken to him for three or four months, I wrote to him last time and he did not answer me. I don’t know if he got angry, Alberto has a thousand things, if I write to him and insist, I’m sure he’ll answer me.”

At the same time, Santoro said that at the beginning of the administration he intended to occupy a position in the National Cabinet. However, he did not achieve his aspirations. In that way, he explained: “It hurt me that they didn’t think of me. Alberto told me I didn’t ask him.” In turn, the legislator of the Frente de Todos commented that “throughout the period I told him ‘count on me for what you need’. With ten, fifteen days to go, he stopped calling me. It was said that Santoro was going to be deputy minister, chief of staff.”

In that way, he added: “I thought I was going to be vice minister, in fact I called Aníbal (Fernández) telling him that journalists called me asking me what I was going to do and I said I had no information. He told me to write to him directly, so I sent him a message asking if he had a place in the Government, and he replied saying that I had never asked him for anything, and yes, it is true, but do we have to ask? He told me to talk to Santiago (Cafiero).” Santoro even confessed that he spent a hundred days without speaking with the president and said that he communicated with the then cabinet chief, who reiterated the president’s arguments: “I called Santiago, he told me ‘oops, you never told us anything’ and they replied ‘well we put together an undersecretary’. ‘Not even a fart,’ I replied. Then they looked for a place in the Ministry of Labor and I said no.”

According to the legislator, with Fernández they were friends “when he was in front of our political space, me being the candidate of Cristina and him, campaign manager of (Florencio) Randazzo, and we met to eat, me telling him what the they are doing.” However, Santoro remarked that with Cristina as a candidate “our differences are over.” In addition, he admitted that he was “very happy” when the relationship between the current leadership of the Government was recomposed.

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