Lucas Ocampos’ message after being left out of Qatar 2022

With less than two weeks to go until the start of Qatar 2022, Lionel Scaloni only needs to define the last place in the Argentine National Team and several players have already lost hope of being part of it, among them, Lucas Ocampo published an Instagram story with a statement. The attacker, who now plays for Ajax, shared a text on social media in which he referred to his belief and faith in God: “God tells you today: Don’t try to force your future, don’t try to push your miracle. Remember that everything has its time, and mine for you is perfect,” he began. While running back in Scaloni’s consideration, the 28-year-old was hoping to be on the roster as he was part of the last call-ups in the South American Qualifiers.

“I know it’s hard, but be a little calmer, everything will work out, because I’m in control. The heavens will open in your favor, and my grace will always be upon you. You will suffer no more because I am your God, and there is nothing that compares to my greatness. Good takes time, but wonderful needs faith, hope and complete rest in God,” he continued. Surrender your burdens and worries to Him, because He can act in the midst of the impossible. Only in God do you find the peace you so desperately need. Write Amen if you think so,” the player concluded.

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