“Taking of Lima” Protesters Reject Congressional Conduct, Call for Peru’s New Constitution

The march has been called by social, union and political organizations that reject the action of the political opposition to President Pedro Castillo and is scheduled to begin from 15.00 local time on Thursday, with concentrations in the central squares 02 de Mayo and San Martín.
However, some demonstrators began arriving hours earlier to the vicinity of Parliament, where a police cordon prevented them from passing and clashes ensued that included the use of tear gas.
The Police intervened to evict groups that occupied one of the lanes of Abancay Avenue and there was also an increase in riot police, who closed the passage through the streets closest to the Legislative Palace.
The Congress, which dominates the political opposition, decided on November 10 to suspend the plenary session scheduled for this Thursday due to possible “acts of violence” during the demonstration, according to a statement by the senior official of the Legislative, José Cevasco.
Rejection of new “motion of vacancy” of the president of Peru
Despite this, the Legislative Palace began its activities on Thursday normally and several congressmen arrived to participate in meetings of caucuses and legislative groups.
Parliamentarian José Cueto, of the ultraconservative Popular Renewal party, said he did not believe it was “necessary to stop the work of Congress” and that the decision to suspend the plenary session was taken to “protect above all the safety of the personnel” of working in the place.
The call for citizen mobilization is also against the new motion of presidential vacancy (dismissal) that several opposition groups are preparing in Parliament and calls for the resignation of the Attorney General of the Nation, Patricia Benavides.

Last October, prosecutor Benavides filed a constitutional complaint with Congress for alleged corruption against Castillo, who denies all the accusations, which also splash several members of his government and his closest family environment.

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