Alberto Fernández confirmed that there will be an end-of-year bonus for workers

At the end of his visit to Paris, where in the last week he met with French President Emmanuel Macron and participated in the Forum for Peace, Alberto Fernández confirmed that the Government will launch a bonus for formal workers with the most postponed salaries, as a palliative to combat inflation. In this way, Fernández ended the internal debate that arose in the Frente de Todos, initiated from the claim of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who demanded a fixed sum instead of a single assistance.

“In Argentina, the joint ventures are fully functioning and we have to let them work. They have taken into account the reality and interfering with a fixed sum to the lowest wages generates many problems in many places because the lowest wages are in the municipalities and in small businesses, and the risk that is run is to generate a fiscal problem in the municipalities and in many small businesses that, I have no doubt, they would solve it by making their employees leave formality and move them to informality,” the president explained at a press conference from the Embassy of Argentina in France.And he added: “We have to recover the salary of everyone, including the lowest incomes, and we trust that the method of parity is adequate. In the emergency, reaching the end of the year, we understand that there are more postponed salaries and we will try to go to them in their aid with a bonus.” In any case, the president did not say how much the bond will be and warned that he will define it when he returns to Buenos Aires.
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