Qatar 2022: Where to watch the matches this Thursday, November 24?

The Qatar 2022 World Cup has started and there are two key questions: Who plays this day? and Where can I see it? Remember that in Chile only Chilevisión and Canal 13 broadcast the matches on the open signal, but they do not give the 64 live matches, they only give half. While, on cable television, Directv in its sports signals give the 64 live games.
This Thursday, November 24, the fires of Groups G and H open. In Group G are Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland and Cameroon; while in the H are Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.
The day begins with Switzerland against Cameroon at 07:00 hours (Chilean time), then (10:00 hours) it is the turn of the debut of the sky-blue (Uruguay), commanded by Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Federico Valverde will face the South Korea of Heung-Min Son. At 13:00 hours is the debut of Cristiano Ronaldo, when Portugal plays against Ghana and closes the day (16:00 hours) the Scratch (Brazil) with Neymar at the head against the good front of Serbia.
Schedules and television signal

Switzerland vs Cameroon (Group G): 07:00 hours – Directv Sports (D Sports)/ DGO
Uruguay vs South Korea (Group H): 10:00 am – Chilevisión/Canal 13/ Directv Sports (D Sports)/ DGO
Portugal vs Ghana: 13:00 hours – Directv Sports (D Sports)/ DGO
Brazil vs Serbia: 4:00 p.m. – Directv Sports (D Sports)/ DGO

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