5 Questions to the duo Desierto y Agua prior to performing at La Tangente

Daniel: Our fusion is born from a need to want to make electronic music knowing that one is South American. Electronics is a universal concept, but we are Argentine.
We felt that it didn’t make sense to work an electronics that is “gringo”. The fusion is born from the desire to connect with our identity with our roots and our root is very South American.
The ancestral instruments we use are the product of trips that we are having and so we are obtaining them. When you hear one of those instruments playing, it awakens a memory that lives in us, a memory that also tells you who you are.
It is immediate, it has nothing to do with reason, it has to do with magic, which is precisely that beautiful gift, the ancestral memory that dwells in us, on earth. Desert and Water merges these two worlds, spiritual and earthly.
Andrea: We also discovered playing with the mixture of electronics with ancestral instruments, that the result was very magical, the sounds resulting from this mixture after having gone through a process of our growth, gives a high result at the sound level.
Also spiritually and emotionally things happen to you when you hear it. I think that’s the meaning of music: that something happens to you, that it modifies you, that it heals you, that it mobilizes you, that provokes you.

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