Axel Kicillof: “A governor does not decide who enters or who gets out of jail”

After the statements of Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner last week at the Estadio Único de La Plata, that insecurity was “a pending debt” of democracy and that the issue had to be debated but in a “serious” way and not with simplisms that do not lead to anything like the theory of “iron fist”, In this context, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, announced today the beginning of the construction of 5,500 new prison places, which will reach 12,000, and said that he has the objective of “lowering recidivism” once the inmates regain freedom. When Cristina said ‘let’s talk seriously about security’, it has to do with these things: building new places, investing and planning seriously. Not like the right does,” said the governor and recalled that during his administration the former governor of the province of Buenos Aires María Eugenia Vidal only built a thousand squares. And he clarified: “We refer to having a State that invests, plans and builds penitentiary units and wardens, also ending the precarious conditions of detention in police stations.” In that sense, the governor stressed that when there is no work on planning places so that people who are deprived of their liberty are in “dignified conditions, the result is more recidivism” and stressed: “Prisons are not for torture and torment but to serve the sentence and reintegrate. We must put an end to the subhuman conditions that take place in our prisons.”

Julio Alak with Axel Kicillof. Source: NA.

“We are carrying out a prison infrastructure plan like never before in 200 years of the history of the province,” said the Buenos Aires governor during a ceremony held in the Golden Hall of the Government House, in La Plata, together with the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Julio Alak, and the Secretary of Public Works of the Nation. Carlos Rodríguez.De this way, Kicillof announced the commissioning of the works of Florencio Varela, Moreno, Mercedes, Melchor Romero and the wardens of Ezeiza, Quilmes, Lanús, La Matanza, Tres de Febrero, Moreno and Tigre. Within the framework of this infrastructure plan, the works that will lead to 4,100 new places are in the final stage and will begin to be inaugurated from December 10, 2022 in Almirante Brown, Berazategui, Lomas de Zamora, La Matanza, La Plata, Escobar and Merlo. They have me rotten with that we release prisoners. They get tired of these lies, when we don’t have that power,” Kicillof said. However, he acknowledged that it is the obligation of the governor to “give them accommodation.” And he recalled that when he assumed as Governor he received “enormous debts of health, education and security, with interrupted and abandoned works” and said that at the time “there was a strike of 16,000 inmates because they had stopped paying the suppliers of food and medicines and in addition, the prisons had a situation of terrible overcrowding.” In that sense, he stressed that his Government was able to solve the hunger strike and pay the debts, but that there was a structural problem since there was “a total of 52,000 prisoners and place to house 24,000″, which produced a situation of overcrowding. ” The judiciary itself said it was a humanitarian crisis. Basic human rights were not respected. In the previous government there was an increase in the prison population: 16,000 new prisoners, but that increase was not accompanied by investments to create more places since only a thousand were built. It was a disastrous policy,” he said.

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