Espert: “Milei wanted to be the center and put together something of his own”

After announcing his candidacy for governor, José Luis Espert, who until last year maintained a good relationship with Javier Milei, explained the reasons why the famous economist withdrew from the Avanza Libertad project for 2023. Milei when he decided to do politics he did it with us, he asked to be with me in his beginnings in May 2020 and April 2021, “said the deputy. He then explained that Milei “felt that in Avanza Libertad he was one more, that’s why he decided on a project that would be around him.”
In a dialogue with Ignacio Ortelli for Radio Rivadavia, Espert pointed out the moment of disruption. “We were happy with Milei inside, but he chose to leave in February with a very strong argument. He wanted to be the center of something and put together something of his own,” she said. In addition, he removed the responsibility of the party and maintained that “the one who decided to enter and then leave was Javier Milei.” On the other hand, the referent of Avanza Libertad referred to his next candidacy. “I can go with a short ballot, it makes no sense for me to hang on anyone to win an election, I want to win to transform, not to be four years and then Kirchnerism wins,” he said. Likewise, Espert said that “we must make a reform that does not have Kirchnerism in its head, and I think neither does the opposition.” 

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