Political team of La Moneda accuses the coup after failure of the Government’s letter to National Prosecutor: “We will have to make the evaluation”

The Minister of Justice, Marcela Ríos, and the Interior, Carolina Tohá, referred to the determination of the Senate that rejected the nomination promoted by the Executive of José Morales as National Prosecutor after not being able to get the 33 votes necessary by the Chamber for his appointment.
Although he got 31 votes, he needed at least 33. He obtained 6 against and 8 abstentions, among which were pro-government senators whom the Executive could not square. For this reason, the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá showed her dissatisfaction after the rejection of the letter of the Boric administration.
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In that line, the Secretary of State pointed out that “although today her proposal was rejected, when the Supreme Court defines a new quina, the criterion will continue to be to look for the most appropriate person. For the Executive there is nothing else at stake.”
“We will have to evaluate how to improve, but the important thing is that the Executive did not move away from looking for the system to work better,” added the head of Interior.
Meanwhile, the head of Justice, Marcela Ríos, declared that “we accept and recognize that each senator votes in conscience representing the interests of their sectors and regions.”
Along these lines, Rios said that the process to replace the questioned Jorge Abbott “has been deliberative and transparent, in the face of citizenship.”
“We hope as an Executive to continue with the constitutional process. This process continues with the Supreme Court, having to replace the person who has been rejected and the President of the Republic will send a new name to be able to ratify and approve or not by this Senate, “Rios added.
Likewise, the Secretary of State said that “we want to reiterate the importance of the National Prosecutor’s Office for the country and the justice system, we understand that we have to do this process as quickly as possible and we will continue working in every way with the ministers present to strengthen the security of Chileans.”

With the decision taken, as established by the organic law of the Public Ministry, it is now the turn of the Supreme Court to complete the quina by proposing a new name to replace Morales. For this, you will have a period of 10 days and, unless it is necessary to call a new contest, the term of the event will be extended to 15 days.
In the same way, President Gabriel Boric and the Senate will have a period of five days to fulfill their respective functions, which translates into proposing a candidate to occupy Abbott’s body and ratify it -or not-.

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