“Darby and the Dead,” the new supernatural teen comedy, opens

This Friday sees the release of “Darby and the Dead,” Hulu’s new movie available on Star+ in Latin America. It is a teen comedy about natural about a high school student who works as a spiritual messenger. Check out the trailer here. The film stars Riele Downs, Auli’i Cravalho, Chosen Jacobs, Asher Angel, Wayne Knight, with Derek Luke and Tony Danza, and is directed by Silas Howard. It is also based on a story by Wenonah Wilms. After suffering a near-death experience as a child, Darby Harper (Downs) gains the ability to see the dead. As a result, she becomes introverted and withdraws from her high school classmates and prefers to spend time advising lonely spirits who have unfinished business on earth. But that all changes when Capri (Cravalho), the queen bee of the school’s most exclusive clique, dies unexpectedly in a freak hair-straightening accident, resulting in the obvious cancellation of her upcoming “Sweet 17.” Capri, however, begs Darby from the other side to step in and convince Capri’s friends to proceed with the party as planned. To appease the undead diva’s wrath, Darby must come out of his self-imposed exile and reinvent himself, which along the way allows him to find a new joy in the land of the living. From Filo.news we participated in a press conference with the cast of the film, Riele Downs, Auli’i Cravalho, Chosen Jacobs, Nicole Maines, Kylie Liya Page, Genneya Walton, director Silas Howard and producers Adam Saunders and Eddie Rubín.The development of “Darby and the Dead” began in March 2019: “We had a great casting process and we had. It’s a teen comedy. But it’s about real issues and it’s about grief and it’s about dealing with grief. And how do you get into the spotlight of your life when it’s so much easier to stand on the sidelines and judge everyone else?” I think everyone will leave this film remembering each of the characters because everyone here brought something, they make it their own and so unique and it was incredible to see it come to life,” said producer Rubín. We had fun doing all those scenes. And it was such a good opportunity because the more we played with these characters, and the more we played with each other, the opportunities for improvisation grew a lot,” Maines said in the talk. It was fun to have so much creative freedom and play these teenagers who needed to go through such a traumatic experience, to observe how different people are dealing with the pain. We have the pain of the dead versus the pain of the living,” Kylie added. My character goes through a kind of evolution of style throughout the film. She starts on the dark side, goes in the opposite direction, and ends in a place in the middle. So, they definitely did a lot of fun things out of it,” Downs said.The filmmakers were big fans of iconic teen movies like “Mean Girls,” “Sixteen Candles,” “Heathers” and “Clueless,” and they were eager to come up with a movie that featured a story and characters that paid homage to those classic movies and hopefully captured some of their magic as well. But today’s world is quite different, and for the film to be successful, I needed to reflect that world effectively.” I feel like the film perfectly shows all the things we love about those 90s and 2000s classics. Our cast is incredibly diverse and perfectly shows the real world we live in and what it’s like to be at this age, to live in this time. So, we get all the beautiful things from the ’90s, ‘2000s but in our modern world,” Walton reflected. I had never played a character like this before. My favorite part of being an actor is working on the backstory. I didn’t want to hate her, like I have to be her, I have to love her, I have to understand where she’s coming from, even if she’s rude, even if other people see her as bad,” Cravalho said. I hope people take from this film that agreeing and understanding is not a prerequisite for loving people. Everyone is going through something. And even if you do not identify it or do not understand it, you have to have empathy, love, compassion, “said Jacobs.On this the director closed: “I think that the pain that any of us have gone through in life are actually the strengths, the points of connection. And I think that’s one of my favorite things about this as well, is that everybody’s pain morphs into this friendship or a friendship that transforms these difficult and painful situations.”

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