Government and fiscal employees agreed on a working table to advance in reducing working hours in the public sector

Within the framework of the negotiation between the Government and fiscal employees for the salary adjustment (as agreed last Friday, it will reach 12% for those with incomes of less than $ 2.2 million pesos), both parties agreed to create a working table to advance in the reduction of the working day for 2023.
The president of the National Association of Fiscal Employees (Anef), José Pérez, confirmed to La Tercera what he agreed with the Executive. In this regard, he said that the working group will begin to plan how the reduction of the working day could be implemented.
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Meanwhile, the government indicated that the discussion is de-anchored from the 40-hour project – which is being processed in Congress – because it implies modifying a series of administrative statutes that differ between them. For example, employees of the central administration, the judiciary, education and health have different statutes.
According to Pérez, the parties have not yet defined whether the dialogue will be held at a single table or by sector.
The negotiating parties will also have to define if the reduction of the working day will be for all employees, regardless of whether they are plant, contract or fees.

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