The world reacts to crisis in Peru: they call for the protection of “democratic institutions”

Various international reactions have generated the call to dissolve Congress by the now former president of Peru Pedro Castillo, who was finally dismissed by the parliament of that country and is currently detained.
The Argentine Foreign Ministry published on its Twitter account: “Argentina regrets and expresses its deep concern about the political crisis that the sister Republic of Peru is going through, and calls on all political and social actors to safeguard democratic institutions, the rule of law and constitutional order.”
The Colombian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that “Colombia condemns any attack against democracy, wherever it comes from, and recalls that democracy requires the recognition of the popular will expressed both in the elections for president and for congress.”
The government of Ecuador expressed its deep concern about the situation that Peru is experiencing and called for maintaining the rule of law and democracy in the country.
Regarding North America, the U.S. Embassy said in a statement that its country “categorically rejects any extraconstitutional act by President Castillo to prevent Congress from fulfilling its mandate.”
The U.S. government “emphatically urges President Castillo to reverse his attempt to shut down Congress and allow Peru’s democratic institutions to function according to the Constitution.”
In addition, Spain said in a statement that it condemns the “rupture of the constitutional order” that Castillo has made and advocates “the restoration of democratic normality.”
After the dismissal of Pedro Castillo, Dina Boluarte will assume the presidency of the country. She also expressed her opinion contrary to Castillo’s actions: “I reject Pedro Castillo’s decision to perpetrate the breakdown of the constitutional order with the closure of Congress. It is a coup d’état that aggravates the political and institutional crisis that Peruvian society will have to overcome with strict adherence to the law.”

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