Mecha: “La Nacional stayed small, I’m looking for a bigger emotion”

* Note written by Gabriel Saez Ruiz and Pedro IoskynLooking ahead to the International Final of Red Bull Batalla that will take place in Mexico next Saturday, Mecha, one of the two Argentine representatives and the current champion of the National, prepares for the next day with great expectations. When crowned in the national edition last month, the Cordovan freestyler did not have time to fully enjoy his successes in a calendar full of work. “That whole post-National week in my head was a week of pure, and the truth is that it was not. A lot of training, writing for Markitos, memorizing, practicing for the FMS I had with Larrix,” he said. After enjoying the tranquility after his participation in written battles, Mecha re-entered the strict training cycle. “Having spent a month I had time to rest, to celebrate and to refocus, and now in Mexico I am in the same process. I do not think about the National, and the National stayed small, I am looking for a much bigger emotion, “he stressed in dialogue with Filo.News.The title achieved in Argentina, along with his latest performances, gives the freestyler a good position in a competition that has 16 participants; Aczino (Mexico), Skone (Spain), Gazir (Spain), among the most prominent. “A result is not the main thing, just a good role, and I think that repeating the role of the Movistar Arena I would be satisfied,” he said, and maintained that “I think I improved a lot of things of Movistar until today, I trained a lot, I had a couple of changes and people are going to flash. ” The localia is a factor that influenced many past editions, and in that sense, Aczino – one of the strongest competitors – has been unbeaten for 10 years in his country, but Mecha remains skeptical of the aura of invincibility that exists around the last champion. “I don’t think anyone is invincible, there are very good competitors and Mau is the best, but on a good day we can all get to fight,” said one of the representatives that Argentina will have -along with Wolf- in the Red Bull.Since 2018, with the coronation of Wos, the Argentines could not repeat that feat, in a panorama that perhaps left a little aside the art to increase the competitiveness of freestyle, And at that point the rapper finds the reason for the latest results. “I think it goes through a question of the Argentine style, more aggiornado to art, to the fact of not being permanently bounded in the fourth bar. People like Dani, like Trueno, much more about flow, delirium,” he explained. In that sense, Mecha referred to the support of the public and expressed that “people trusted me again because I am the one who limits the most at the structural level. I think that’s my difference with the rest of the references, and that’s why maybe the last references did not have great results, but for me they rap incredible, different things are valued”. Next Saturday, December 10, the Red Bull Batalla International Final will take place in Mexico City, and will be broadcast through Red Bull TV, Youtube, Facebook and Twitch.

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