‘Meet Vincent van Gogh’: the only official Van Gogh Museum experience arrives in Buenos Aires

After touring different cities around the world, Argentina is the second country in South America to receive this award-winning exhibition in 2023. It will be a unique, immersive and interactive experience. It is the only official immersive experience, created by the experts of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and is based on the more than 800 letters that the artist left to his family. In February 2023 Buenos Aires will host a new unique and exciting experience: ‘Meet Vincent van Gogh’, will allow visitors to delve into the life of the iconic artist, and discover through a multisensory experience his most famous works and the story of his life. The guests will visit six stages through which they can see, touch the reproductions of paintings and even listen to the magnificent painter’s own thoughts. The 3D experience invites visitors to travel to the world of Vincent Van Gogh and will be presented in the City of Buenos Aires in February 2023 at the Argentine Polo Field, by Foggia as promoter, with the international production of Proactiv Entertainment, producer and promoter of Barcelona, and the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Argentina.  The idea aims to bring art closer to families, adults and students; and show the history of the well-known Dutch painter in an innovative, modern and three-dimensional way thanks to this immersive 360º project. After passing through Beijing, Barcelona, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Santiago de Chile, selling more than 1 million tickets. Nicolás Renna, CEO of Proactiv Entertainment, said: “Meet Vincent van Gogh is an exhibition unlike any other that allows us to know the person behind the artist. Through the knowledge of the person and moments of his life, we explain to the genius, what he saw and felt while painting. A unique opportunity that the public of Buenos Aires can now enjoy’. Marcelo Dionisio, CEO of Foggia, adds “For us it is an honor to present in Argentina the only official experience of Vincent van Gogh in the world. We consider that this creation of the Museum of Vincent van Gogh, is a great idea, powerful and original, to bring the life and art of the great Dutch painter, to all the peoples of the planet “The space will have different rooms that will offer different experiences to visitors. They will even be able to touch with their own hands the reproductions of the original works of art, the stroke of the brushstrokes, and will contemplate through full-scale projections, photographs, video fragments, detailed reproductions, interactive multimedia animations and applications, theatrical sets, audiovisual fragments and quotes extracted from more than 800 letters. During the tour, supported by an audio guide included with the ticket, numerous characters will come to life: the painter himself, his brother Theo, his sister-in-law Jo Bonger, his mother and other people who have been key in his life. Attendees will travel to some crucial places in Van Gogh’s life thanks to sets that evoke emblematic places such as the Parisian café Le Tambourin, the Saint-Rémy hospital and the Yellow House of Arles.

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