The travel industry and its reconversion

Mr. Director,
Currently tourism is in full recovery, and before this panorama all the actors of the tourism ecosystem are very animated. This scenario presents us with a new challenge: to understand new travelers, what their tastes are, what they are looking for and what they expect from us, the providers of these experiences.
Tourism is no longer an activity that involves only the purchase of a plane ticket and the reservation of a hotel. Currently, there are other factors that are important to consider such as the experiences that can be lived in the destination.
The challenge of the industry must aim at the diversification of experiences incorporating special interests, respond to new trends and implement new strategies that allow generating an attractive and competitive offer that facilitates tourists to live unique moments in the destination they choose.
This new demand highlights the trend called “bleisure” (business + leisure) that combines business trips with longer stays to know and enjoy the places.
Also, to enter the tourism of the future, it is necessary to take into account other experiences that are captivating travelers. Such as adventure tourism, astrotourism, ecotourism or wine tourism, among many others.
Daniel Escolá

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