AMLO ignores Peru’s demand, accuses coup of conservatism

Although the government of Peru demanded that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador no longer give his opinion or intervene on the situation in that country, this morning the president assured that the Peruvian people do not agree with the new government and called for new elections.
The president declared that the Peruvian Congress does not have the support of the majority of Peruvians and that elections should be called to renew and elect a new president by democratic means.
“We maintain the same thing, which was a blow of the conservatism of Peru, of the bosses of Peru, who like the conservatives of Mexico and other countries are classist, racist and very corrupt, because what is at stake are the economic interests that predominate,” he said from Chetumal.

Regarding the conflict in Peru, @lopezobrador_ said that “the majority of people do not want the current Congress” so he asked “to call general elections as soon as possible.” “Let a new president be elected and let the people decide,” he said.
— Political Animal (@Pajaropolitico) December 22, 2022

“What is at stake are the economic interests that predominate in Peru and Mexico, are the elites, the oligarchies of the countries, not only of the American continent but of the world, who are accustomed to looting, to steal at ease and who do not care about the peoples, then, they use governments as instruments to facilitate looting, robbery, and when a townspeople come to the government by decision of the same people, they make their lives impossible.”
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Peru’s PM Asks AMLO to Stop Interference
López Obrador ignored the request made yesterday by Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otárola to stop talking about the situation in the country.
“We call on Mr. López to stop referring to Peru because we have achieved with great effort that our country is at peace and we are not going to allow people who have no relationship with Peru to demonstrate causing incessant interference in the internal affairs of the country,” said the prime minister,” said Otárola.
The prime minister regretted that a brother country, with which they have maintained historical cultural ties over many years, “is in a lamentable state of diplomatic relations fostered, mainly, by Mr. López.”

For its part, the Peruvian government seems to be very upset with what AMLO says. The head of the ministerial cabinet, Alberto Otárola, asked the Mexican president to stop referring to the situation in Peru.
— Digital Tribune7 (@TribunaLibreES) December 22, 2022

During his morning news conference, Lopez Obrador also suggested that the United States was involved in the process that led to Pedro Castillo’s impeachment.
“There are suspicions because they do not even take care of the forms. The first message after the dismissal of President Castillo was the message of the ambassador of the United States, and then when they declare a state of emergency, the ambassador of the United States goes to meet with the president (Dina Boluarte),” he said.
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