Government decrees State of Catastrophe due to voracious forest fire in Viña del Mar

The Government of President Gabriel Boric decreed a State of Constitutional Emergency of Catastrophe due to public calamity as a result of the forest fires that have affected the commune of Viña del Mar, which have left a balance of 2 dead and 500 homes affected. In this way, a head of National Defense will be appointed who will have powers to take control of the area.

The information was delivered by the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, who explained that the person in charge of that zone may limit various constitutional rights as a result of the emergency.
“The President of the Republic has instructed to declare a State of Constitutional Emergency of Catastrophe due to public calamity, the decree is being drafted and this implies that a head of National Defense will be appointed, who will have the power to limit constitutional rights, eventually of assembly and transfer,” Monsalve said.
He also explained that “but it also has the power to take control and requisition all property, to be able to attend to face the emergency in Viña del Mar.”
Moments later, it was the President himself who used his social networks to explain his decision, stressing that the priority of his Government is to deliver the greatest amount of resources to control the situation.
“Our priority as the Government of Chile is the safety of the people and we will continue to deploy all the necessary resources to control the emergency and quickly support the affected families,” concluded the head of state.

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