Co-participation: Alberto Fernández announced that he will abide by the Court’s ruling

Through a thread on his Twitter account, President Alberto Fernández announced that he will make the payment to the City of Buenos Aires of the co-participation funds, as stated in the ruling of the Supreme Court of Justice.However, the national president hinted at his anger with the resolution of the highest court of Justice. In that sense, he said: “I am convinced that the ruling lacks the grounds required of any judicial decision and therefore is flawed.” At the same time, Fernández explained that the Court’s decision “affects the legitimate rights of the Argentine provinces and breaks the equality on which federalism is based in our National Constitution.” In turn, he said that it is a precautionary decision that “violates the division of powers and lacks sufficient foundation.” In this way, he explained that “as President I have provided the only possible and reasonable remedy,” so “I have instructed the Treasury Attorney to file an appeal for revocation.” The National State has been notified of the precautionary measure granted by the CSJN in favor of CABA.— Alberto Fernández (@alferdez) December 26, 2022 The objective of this measure by the Executive Branch is to review the precautionary measure provided. At the same time, Fernández remarked that he has ordered “to recuse the judges of the highest court” because “they have prejudged against the National State, damaging its accounts and affecting the resources of the 23 Argentine provinces.” In that sense, Fernández stressed that although he will seek to “reverse the bad resolution of the Court and resume the paths of federalism,” he must also “respect the laws in force.” In this way, he reported that “the only resources available for the year 2022” will be reassigned and transferred “to an account of the National Bank in the name of the GCBA.” In this way, he explained that TX31 bonds will be used and that the transfer will include “the money corresponding to 90 days of validity of the precautionary measure, pending the final ruling or an act of Congress.” Finally, the national president said that he will send Congress a bill to deal with in extraordinary sessions to “preserve the current federal system, not affect the rights recognized to the Argentine provinces and compensate for the losses that this precautionary measure produces for them.”

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