Dollar today: the parallel price climbed to $346 for sale and set a new record

In the last week of the year, the blue dollar opened this Monday, December 26 with new increases and is obtained at $ 346 for sale and $ 342 for purchase in the exchange houses of the City of Buenos Aires, thus marking a new record and approaching to close the year at 350 pesos. The parallel price already accumulates a rise of 29 pesos so far this month and the gap amounts to 97%, with respect to the wholesale exchange rate. The gap between the blue dollar and the wholesaler is 97%. In turn, on this day the Central Bank (BCRA) closed with purchases for USD 23 million, which are added to the positive balance of USD 1,231 million that the monetary authority acquired during the last three weeks thanks to the installation of the Export Increase Program (PIE), which establishes a differential exchange rate for the soybean complex of $ 230 per dollar. This Monday, December 26, the Central bought USD 23 million in the market. Financial dollars continue to fluctuate. The MEP, which is valued with the Global 2030, rose to $333.92. For its part, the dollar Counted with Settlement (CCL), also operated with the Global 2030, remained at $ 358.39.The official dollar, meanwhile, ended the day with an increase of fifty cents and is obtained on the screens of Banco Nación (BNA) at $ 174.50 for purchase and $ 182.50 for sale. The tourist exchange rate, which is the price that the Argentine citizen pays for his purchases abroad and exceeds the three hundred dollars allowed at a cheaper quote, closed at $ 365. Meanwhile, the wholesaler closed at $175.73 for sale.

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