Russia wants to strengthen military cooperation with China

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed on Friday (30.12.2022) his desire to strengthen military cooperation with China during a videoconference meeting announced yesterday with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, in which he praised Moscow and Beijing’s resistance to Western “pressures”. “We intend to strengthen cooperation between the armed forces of Russia and China,” Putin said.
“In a context of unprecedented pressures and provocations by the West, we defend our principled positions,” Putin said, announcing that he wants to “strengthen cooperation between the armed forces of Russia and China.” “Our relations endure all tests with dignity, demonstrate maturity and stability, and continue to expand dynamically,” the Kremlin chief told Xi.
Putin called relations with China the “best in history” and called them a “model of great-power cooperation in the twenty-first century.” Both economically and geopolitically. He said that despite the external situation, “illegitimate restrictions and direct blackmail by some Western countries, Russia and China have managed to guarantee record rates of commercial exchange.”
“With you we see in the same way the causes, the march and the logic of the transformations of the global geopolitical landscape,” he added. The Russian leader stressed that a “special” place in relations occupies the military-technical cooperation between the two countries. According to him, such cooperation “contributes to ensuring the security of our countries and maintaining stability in key regions.” Russia and China held joint maneuvers earlier this month.
The Kremlin chief was convinced that next year both leaders will be able to hold a face-to-face meeting. In about eight minutes of introductory remarks from a video conference between the two leaders broadcast on state television, Putin invited him to Russia: “We look forward to you, dear Mr. President, dear friend, we look forward to you next spring on a state visit to Moscow.”
In a response that lasted about a quarter, Xi said China was ready to increase strategic cooperation with Russia in the context of what he called a “difficult” situation in the world at large. The relationship between Russia and China, which the two sides have hailed as a “limitless” partnership, has taken on great significance since Moscow sent its armed forces to Ukraine on Feb. 24. In the face of war, China has maintained distant rhetoric. The rest of the meeting was not broadcast open.

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