Parties Poll Letters for Expert Commission of the New Constituent Process: DC Already Has Three Names

The Chamber of Deputies sent to law on Wednesday the project that enables the new constituent process. According to the timeline of the initiative, the Expert Commission – in charge of drafting a preliminary draft, which will serve as the basis for the Constitutional Council – should be installed on March 6. In this context, political parties are already sounding out letters. In the DC, for example, they already have three names.
Recall that the Expert Commission will be made up of 24 people: 12 appointed by the Chamber of Deputies and 12 by the Senate. Likewise, the instance will be equal.
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DC already has names
The head of the DC deputies’ caucus, Eric Aedo, told Radio Cooperativa that the party already has three names for the Expert Commission.
They are the legislative advisor of the bench of deputies, Paz Anastasiadis; the president of the constitutionalist community of the DC, Claudio Troncoso; and constitutional lawyer Tomás Jordán.
“One of those names is going to be the one who represents us in the committee of experts,” said Deputy Aedo.
RN and possibility of independents
The head of the RN deputies’ bloc, Andrés Longton, told the aforementioned media that the appointed experts “may have militancy as well as may not have militancy.”
“We believe that it has to represent or be in tune with the ideas of those who propose them, but militancy is not a determining element,” said the legislator.
For his part, from the ruling party, Deputy Raul Soto (PPD) pointed out that “much of the success and legitimacy of this process is at stake in the decision we make when choosing good experts.”
“I think that’s the first litmus test of the success and legitimacy of this process. If we elect people who give peace of mind to citizens, who give guarantees of serious work from the legal and political point of view, without a doubt that the process will be on track well and will begin to legitimize quickly, “he added.

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